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Vertically Integrated one-stop-shop

Thanks to our vertically integrated operations, we maintain an exceptionally competitive edge throughout the entire project development process, starting from the initial concept and proceeding right through to the final construction phase. We ensure the success and cost-effectiveness of our project developments by employing a comprehensive strategy that encompasses site planning, system engineering design, full or partial construction services, and ongoing maintenance.


Project Development:

In-house development and engineering team perform project due diligence process, modeling the technical feasibility and financial viability to develop the maximum energy potential.

Turnkey & Partial EPC Solutions

Our in-house team manages your energy construction project with excellence in craftsmanship, safety, and energy efficiency, ensuring timely completion for client satisfaction and profitability.

Solar & Storage development

Our team’s expertise lies in developing solar and storage facilities, with a focus on commercial, industrial, and community-scale projects.

Financing and
Asset ownership

Solar and storage represent valuable investments and assets. We provide a range of financing options, enabling our customers to select the scenario that aligns best with their investment strategy.

Operation and Maintenance

We provide continuous operations and maintenance services to guarantee all projects highest production and profitability. Sustaining optimal performance is fundamental to the enduring success of each endeavor.

About Us

With a collective experience spanning more than three decades as a General Contractor in the construction, solar, and storage sectors, our team has garnered extensive expertise. We’ve successfully provided solar and storage services to diverse businesses across the United States, encompassing a spectrum of small and medium-sized projects, each with multiple dimensions. Our commitment lies in delivering practical expectations and ensuring punctual project outcomes. Moreover, our capabilities extend beyond solar energy, offering our clients exceptional value in every project we undertake.

Selected Projects



250.2 kW DC

(380) 540W Bifacial Modules

(3) Sungrow 60 kW Inverters

277,000 kWh FYP

Barkwood Lamination

Manufacturing facility

700.26 kW

(2122) 330W Modules

Solectria Inverters


 417.96 kW DC

(1032) 405W Bifacial Modules

(5) SMA CORE1 62.5 kW Inverters

1400’ Run from array to building, MV Step Up/Step Down for distance

Physical Meter Aggregation 

566,000 kWh FYP

Industrial Manufacturing Customer


Solarity, Inc

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